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Turkish Language and Literature Department

General Information

Introduction of The Department

Ege University Turkish Language and Literature Department, which has been educating since 1976, gives education in the branches of Old Turkic, Classical Turkish Literature, Modern Turkish Literature, Modern Turkic, Folklore and Turkic Dialects and Literatures. Objective of the department is to raise staff who are qualified to make researches in the disciplines of Turkic language, literature, folklore and culture; to make different studies and researchs, and to present those through publications, conferences, seminars and etc. In lessons, which are given according to the topics of disciplines of the department, information given about the main literary works and persons that take place in the development line of Turkish written language from begining to modern times, samples are given from historical and modern Turkic dialects which are written in different scripts. From this point, language and literature samples of foreign Turkic groups are also held.

In the department, there is an archive-seminar library which is established by donated books. Undergraduate and graduate level students can use this library. Also, in 2007, Azerbaijani writer and intellectual Hüseyinzade Ali Turan’s archive is donated to our department and it is open to the researchers’ concerns.

Graduated students have opportunities to work in universities as “Turkish Language Lecturer” and “Research Assistant” and to work as “Expert on Turkish Language” in different academic fields. Also, they have the chance to find a job in state agencies like Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and in private establishments like press and advertisement.



Founded: 1976

Academic Staff: 13

Assistant Academic Staff: 3

Assistant Academic Staff (35 th Clause and ÖYP): 4


Student Quota: 80

Registered Students: 470

Rate of Student / Academic Staff: 24,7

Medium of Instruction: Turkish

Period of Instruction: 4

Foreign Language Preparation: 1 year (Optional)

MBA and PhD: Available